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Austrian (Modena Line) Royal FamilyAustrian -Este (Modena) Coat of Arms

Coats of Arms by permission of Arnaud Bunel

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47 Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria 1754 1806 Princess Maria Beatrice d'Este (Princess of Modena) 1750 1829 Maria Beatrice was the daughter of Ercole (Hercules) III d'Este Duke of Modena (1727-1803). Duke Ercole signed a treaty in1763 with Ferdinand Karl's mother Empress Maria Theresa (1717-1780) engaging the nine-year old Ferdinand to his only daughter Maria Beatrice, thereby making him his heir. However in 1796 a French invasion forced Duke Ercole to flee to Venice. Following the death of Duke Ercole in 1803 his son-in-law Archduke Ferdinand Karl became Titular Duke of Modena. In 1814 Ferdinand Karl's son Francis IV was recognised by the 1814/1815 Congress of Vienna as Duke of Modena (Ferdinand Karl having died in 1806 was deprived the opportunity to rule in Modena). Ferdinand Karl was a sister of the famed Marie Antoinette (1755-1793) of Austria who along with her husband King Louis XVI (1754-1793) of France were executed by guillotine in 1793 (albeit nine months apart).
47.1 Archduke Josef Franz of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1772 1772          
47.2 Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1773 1832 King Vittorio Emanuele I of Sardinia 1759 1824 Vittorio Emanuele was King of Sardinia from 1802 to 1821 having succeeded his elder brother Charles Emmanuel IV (1751-1819) who had abdicated following the death of his wife Princess Clothilde of France (1759-1802).Clothilde was a sister of King Charles X Philippe of France (1757-1836).
Vittorio Emanuele following revolutions in Sardinia in 1821 abdicated in favour of his brother, Charles Felix.
Vittorio Emanuele succeeded his brother Charles Emmanuel as Heir-Gen of Charles I, King of England (i.e. heir to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Great Britain)
47.21 Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy 1792 1840 Archduke Francis of Austria-Este (Modena Line) (Duke Francis IV of Modena) 1779 1846 See 47.5 - Maria Beatrice succeeded her father Vittorio Emanuele as Heir-Gen of Charles I, King of England (i.e. heir to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Great Britain)
47.22 Princess Marie Adelaide of Savoy 1794 1802          
47.23 Prince Carlo Emanuele of Savoy 1796 1799          
47.24   a daughter of Savoy 1800 1801          
47.25 Princess Maria Teresa of Savoy 1803 1879 Duke Carlo II of Parma 1799 1883 Carlos II was a grandson to Ferdinand (1751-1802) who had been Duke of Parma before it was overrun by Napoleon Bonaparte's French troops in 1796.
Napoléon's wife Marie Louise was Duchess of Parma from 1815 until her death having been given this as financial support as her husband was exiled in St Helena. Following Marie Louise's death in Duchy in 1847 the Duchy of Parma was restored to the Bourbon-Parma line in the person of Carlo II
47.251 Princess Luisa Francesca of Parma 1821 1823          
47.252 Duke Carlo III of Bourbon-Parma 1823 1854 Princess Louise Marie Thérèse of France 1819 1864 See 37.513 - Carlo III and Louise Marie Thérèse were the parents of Duke Roberto I of Bourbon-Parma.
Carlo III was assassinated and there are conflicting accounts surrounding the assassination. One of the accounts is that he had entered a wine shop frequented by "lowlife individuals" and had got into an argument with a soldier who retaliated by fatally stabbing the Duke with his short sword.
Another version of the assassination is that the Duke was out for a walk and on the way back to his palace was accosted by an individual who stabbed him with a stiletto.
A person by the name of Antonia Carra wrote a letter from New York not long after the assassination in which he admitted he had murdered Duke Carlo.
It was reported in 1887 that Antonia Carra had died in a hospital in Philadelphia.
47.26 Princess Maria Anna of Savoy 1803 1884 Emperor Ferdinand I of Austria 1793 1875 See 19.3 - An interesting New York Times article on three of the daughters of King Vittorio Emanuele I of Sardinia and the uncomplimentary remarks regarding their respective husbands
47.27 Princess Maria Cristina of Savoy 1812 1836 King Ferdinando II "King Bomba" of Bourbon-Two Sicilies 1810 1859 See 37.55
47.3 Archduchess Josephine Ferdinanda of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1775 1777          
47.4 Archduchess Maria Leopoldine of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1776 1848 Elector Karl Theodor of Bavaria 1724 1799 Karl Theodor was succeeded as Elector of Bavaria by his very distant cousin Maximilian, Duke of Zweibruken who later became the first King of Bavaria.
Maria Leopoldine was coerced into marrying Karl Theodor. There was a 52 year age gap between them when they married in 1795, Karl Theodor was 71 at the time.
47.4 Archduchess Maria Leopoldine of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1776 1848 Count Ludwig von Arco 1773 1854 Maria Leopoldine bought Schloss Zinneberg in 1827 which presumably is how Zinneberg was added to the name of Arco (i.e. Arco-Zinneberg) for her second son Maximilian and his descendants).
Maria Leopoldine was in a coach travelling to Salzburg which overturned and she was thrown out. Initially it was thought she was not seriously injured but she died shortly afterwards from internal bleeding and a punctured lung.
Maria Leopoldine's second son Maximilian sold Schloss Zinneberg in 1850.
47.41 Count Aloys von Arco 1808 1891   Irene Mkgfn u.Gfn Pallavicini 1811 1877  
47.41 Count Aloys von Arco 1808 1891   Pauline Oswald 1851 1902  
47.42 Count Maximilian von Arco-Zinneberg 1811 1885 Countess Leopoldine von Waldburg zu Zeil und Trauchburg 1811 1886  
47.421 Countess Marie von Arco-Zinneberg 1834 1892 Count Karl Wenzeslaus zu Leiningen 1823 1900  
47.422 Countess Therese von Arco-Zinneberg 1835 1906 Count Maximilian von Loë 1817 1879 To be expanded out to link to grandson Count Felix von Loë (see 44.3211)
47.423 Countess Sophie von Arco-Zinneberg 1836 1909 Prince Franz von Waldburg zu Wolfegg und Waldsee 1833 1906  
47.424 Countess Helene von Arco-Zinneberg 1837 1897 Baron Heinrich von und zu Franckenstein 1826 1883  
47.425 Count Ludwig von Arco-Zinneberg 1840 1882 Countess Adolfine von Schaesberg 1854 1874  
47.425 Count Ludwig von Arco-Zinneberg 1840 1882 Princess Josephine von Lobkowitz 1853 1898  
47.4251 Countess Walburga von Arco-Zinneberg 1873 1958 Count Otto von Lerchenfeld 1869 1938  
47.4252 Countess Maria Sidonia von Arco-Zinneberg 1880 1928 Baron Ferdinand von Twickel 1863 1938 To be expanded out - a decendant is Baron Twickel 11.2115311
47.4253 Count Maria Joseph von Arco-Zinneberg 1881 1924 Princess Wilhelmine von Auersperg 1884 1919  
47.4253 Count Maria Joseph von Arco-Zinneberg 1881 1924 Countess Christiane von Clam und Gallas 1886 1947 To be expanded out - a decendant is Count Ludwig von Arco-Zinneberg 18.151M2
47.42531 Count Maximilian von Arco-Zinneberg 1908 1937          
47.42532 Count Maria Engelbert von Arco-Zinneberg 1909 1972 Countess Eugenie Schaffgotsch gt Semperfrei von und zu Kynast u.Greiffenstein 1921 1978  
47.42533 Countess Marie-Gabrielle von Arco-Zinneberg 1910 1987 Count Anton von Arco auf Valley 1897 1945 Count Anton on 21 February 1919 assassinated Kurt Eisner the first prime minister of the Republic of Bavaria. It was Eisner who led a socialist revolution which unseated the Bavarian monarchy.
Count Anton was originally sentenced to death which shortly afterwards was commuted to life imprisonment.
Count Arco was subsquently released in 1927
47.426 Count Karl von Arco-Zinneberg 1841 1873 Countess Mathilde Wolff Metternich zur Gracht 1840 1925  
47.427 Countess Irene von Arco-Zinneberg 1842 1917 Count Friedrich von Oberndorff 1829 1913  
47.428 Countess Anna von Arco-Zinneberg 1844 1927 Count Alfred zu Stolberg-Stolberg 1835 1880  
47.429 Countess Mechtild von Arco-Zinneberg 1845 1874 Count Ferdinand von Bissingen und Nippenburg 1837 1919  
47.42J Count Nikoalus von Arco-Zinneberg 1848 1870          
47.42K Count Maximilian von Arco-Zinneberg 1850 1916 Baroness Olga von Werther 1853 1937  
47.42L Count Franz von Arco-Zinneberg 1851 1914          
47.42M Countess Christiane von Arco-Zinneberg 1852 1923 Count Konrad von Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos 1843 1903  
47.43 Countess Caroline von Arco 1814 1815          
47.5 Archduke Francis of Austria-Este (Modena Line) (Duke Francis IV of Modena) 1779 1846 Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy 1792 1840 See 47.21 - Maria Beatrice succeeded her father Vittorio Emanuele as Heir-Gen of Charles I, King of England (i.e. heir to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Great Britain)
47.51 Archduchess Marie Thérese of Austria (Modena Line) 1817 1886 Prince Henri of France (HENRI V) Duke of Bordeaux, Count of Chambord 1820 1883 See 37.514 - The marriage of the Duke of Bordeaux to Marie Thérese was somewhat indignantly received by King Louis-Philippe I of the French.
An account of the Duke of Bordeaux requesting the hand of Marie Thérese in marriage.
An interesting article on the Count of Chambord and his Castle of Frohsdorff.
Report on the death of Marie Therese.
The New York Time report of the death of Henri (HENRI V), Duke of Bordeaux, Count of Chambord Marie Therese had a crypt built in the Church of Kostanjevica in Slovenia so that the remains of the last Bourbons could all be gathered togther.
Six members of the Bourbons are in the crypt, namely
I. Marie Thérese
2. her husband, Henri , Count of Chambord
3. Henri's grandfather Charles X (1757-1836) King of France (1824-1830)
4. Henri's uncle Louis XIX (1775-1844), Duke of Angouleme, the oldest son of Charles X
5. Louis XIX's wife Marie Thérese Charlotte (1778-1851), who was a daughter of Charles X's elder brother King Louis XVI (Louis XVI along with his wife Marie Antoinette were guillotined in 1793, but nine months apart)
6. Henri's sister Louise Marie Thérese (1819-1864) wife of Charles III, Duke of Parma
Was Henri, Count of Chambord illegitimate
47.52 Archduke Francis of Austria-Este (Modena Line) (Duke Francis V of Modena) 1819 1875 Princess Adelgunde of Bavaria 1823 1914 See 18.16 - Francis lost his duchy when Modena was incorporated into the new Italian state in 1860.
Death announcement of Archduke Francis
Francis left the bulk of his large estate to his cousin Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria who subsequently used the title Archduke of Austria-Este.
Another newspaper article on the death of Archduke Francis mentioned he died childless and intestate, and his great fortune, amounting to nearly £7,500,000; will, it is stated, be divided into three shares, one going-to the Comtesse de Chambord, who is already rich, another to the mother of Don Carlos, and a third to a niece of the Archduke.
Was he the richest man in the World? This article seems to mix up Francis with his father also named Francis?
Francis succeeded his mother Maria Beatrice as Heir-Gen of Charles I, King of England (i.e. heir to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Great Britain).
An article appeared in April 1910 which reported the outcome of a possible diplomatic situation which occurred in 1873 in the run up to the opening of the World Fair in Vienna. Duke Francis (or Franz) was usurping his "Stuart" rights to be the Great Britain representative at the World Fair instead of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII).
47.521 Archduchess Anna Beatrice of Austria (Modena Line) 1848 1849          
47.53 Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1821 1849 Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria (Hungarian Line) 1831 1903 See 21.6 - The New York Time report on the death of Archduchess Elisabeth.
This article mentions Archduchess Elisabeth and her first husband Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Este (Modena Line) had no issue, in fact they had a daughter
47.531 Archduchess Marie Theresa of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1849 1919 King Ludwig III of Bavaria 1845 1921 See 18.151 - Ludwig succeeded his father Luitpold as Regent of Bavaria and became King of Bavaria on 5 November 1913 following the removal of his cousin Otto II who was deemed to be mad. Ludwig was the last King of Bavaria, he was deposed by a communist uprising on 7/8 November 1918 and left for exile in Austria.
Marie Theresa succeeded her paternal uncle Duke Francis V of Modena as Heir-Gen of Charles I, King of England (i.e. heir to the Jacobite claim to the throne of Great Britain).
An undated and unsigned notice was published on the death of Queen Victoria denouncing her son Edward as a usurper following his succession as King. The notice indicated it was published on the authority of Marie Theresa as rightful Queen Mary the Fourth
47.54 Archduchess Beatrix of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1824 1906 Infant Juan Carlos of Spain (Count de Montizon) 1822 1887 See 12.52 -
Infant Juan Carlos was a Carlist pretender to the throne of Spain.
Death Registration of Infant Juan Carlos
47.6 Archduke Ferdinand Karl of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1781 1850          
47.7 Archduke Maximilian Joseph of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1782 1863          
47.8 Archduke Maria Antonia of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1784 1786          
47.9 Archduke Karl Ambrosius of Austria-Este (Modena Line) 1785 1809          
47.J Archduchess Maria Ludowika of Austia-Este (Modena) 1787 1816 Emperor Franz I of Austria 1768 1835 See 19 - Franz assumed the title of Emperor of Austria on 11 August 1804 and on 6 August 1806 became the last Holy Roman Emperor on its dissolution

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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