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Austrian (Teschen Line) Royal FamilyTeschen Coat of Arms

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44 Archduke Karl of Austria (1st Duke of Teschen) 1771 1847 Princess Henriette of Nassau-Weilburg 1797 1829 Karl was created the Duke of Teschen (1st Duke of Teschen in Habsburg line) on 10 February 1822 following the death of his adopted father Duke Albert of Sachsen-Teschen, Karl was a brother of Emperor Franz I of Austria, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria (Grand Duke Ferdinando III of Tuscany) and Archduke Joseph Anton of Austria (Palatine of Hungary).

To add some complication, Karl was the birth son of the Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II but was adopted by his uncle, Duke Albert of Sachsen-Teschen (1738-1822) (Albert was the husband of Leopold II's sister Archduchess Marie Christine of Austria (1742-1798) and was born Prince of Saxony and son of Friedrich August II, Elector of Saxony (August III, King of Poland). He was created Duke of Teschen by his brother-in-law Holy Roman Emperor Joseph II in 1766. When Albert died in 1822 he left his collection of 14,000 drawings and 200,000 prints in trust to Karl, which formed the nucleus of the Albertina Collection, one of the world's great art museums.
Henriette was a sister to Prince Wilhelm of Nassau-Weilburg
44.1 Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria (Teschen Line) 1816 1867 King Ferdinando II "King Bomba" of Bourbon-Two Sicilies 1810 1859 See 37.55 - Ferdinando II got his nickname "King Bomba" after he ordered the bombardment of Messina (1848) and Palermo (1849) to quell disorders which had broken out in Sicily.
Maria Theresa died from cholera during an epidemic of the disease throughout Italy.
Death Announcement of King Ferdinando
44.2 Archduke Albrecht of Austria (2nd Duke of Teschen) 1817 1895 Princess Hildegard of Bavaria 1825 1864 See 18.17 - A brief report on the death of Archduke Albrecht
44.21 Archduchess Maria Theresia of Austria (Teschen Line) 1845 1927 Duke Philipp of Württemberg 1838 1917 See 22.K31
44.22 Archduke Karl of Austria (Teschen Line) 1847 1848          
44.23 Archduchess Mathilde of Austria (Teschen Line) 1849 1867         Mathilde died when her ball gown caught on fire when she hid a cigarette she was smoking (thanks to Arturo Beéche for this information). See also a posting in The Alexander Palace Discussion Board
The New York Times reported that Mathilde died on 6 June 1867 in a somewhat different situation to the cigarette being the cause of the fire to her dress. The report said that Mathilde inadvertently trod on a "lucifer" match which was lying at her feet on the floor as she leaned out of the window talking to one of her relatives. Her Summer dress was in a blaze before she was aware of it etc etc. It was further mentioned that Mathilde was the intended wife of Prince (future King) Humbert of Italy. Humbert was in Paris when news of the accident to Mathilde reached him and he immediately left it was supposed for Vienna.
The fire took place on 22 May 1867 but it was not until 06 June that she died from her horrific injuries.
Another article mentions she was transported on a covered bed which was carried the whole distance by twenty military personnel to Schloss Hetzendorf.
Even the untimely death of Mathilde did not apparently stop her cousin Archduchess Maria Christina (wife of King Alfonso XII of Spain) from smoking cigarettes.
44.3 Archduke Karl Ferdinand of Austria (Teschen Line) 1818 1874 Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria (Hungarian Line) 1831 1903 See 21.6
44.31 Archduke Franz Joseph of Austria (Teschen Line) 1855 1855          
44.32 Archduke Friedrich of Austria (3 rd Duke of Teschen) 1856 1936 Princess Isabella of Croÿ 1856 1931 Isabella was the daughter of Rudolf 11 th Duke of Croÿ.
Archduke Friedrich was Commander-in Chief (Supreme Commander) of the Austro-Hungarian Army during World War I.
It was reported in 1921 that an American financial syndicate would champion the claims of the Archduke Friedrich against the new Austrian Governments which had sequestrated or absolutely confiscated his properties. The wealth of Archduke Friedrich at the time of the report was estimated at over £40 million. Whether or not Archduke Friedrich succeeded in his claim isn't known to me at present.
Obituary of Archduke Friedrich.
44.321 Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria (Teschen Line) 1879 1962 Hereditary Prince Emanuel of Salm-Salm 1871 1916 An interesting article on the betrothal of Archduchess Maria Christina and Prince Emanuel.
New York Times brief report on the marriage of Archduchess Maria Christina and Prince Emanuel.
Prince Emanuel along with his wife arrived in South Africa just before the start of the first World War and were interned in Fort Methuen Barracks at Maritzburg in South Africa in 1914/1915.
The Prince and Princess left South Africa on 16 January 1915 for Gibraltar by order of the British Government.The Prince was imprisoned in Gibraltar but his wife was free and for a time stayed with the Queen of Spain.
In early 1916 the Prince was exchanged for a Colonel Gordon who had been taken prisoner during the retreat from Mons.
A question was asked in Parliament about the circumstances surrounding the exchange of Prince Emanuel and Colonel Gordon.
Prince Emanuel was killed in action in Pinsk.
44.3211 Princess Isabelle of Salm-Salm 1903 2009 Count Felix von Loë 1896 1944 Count Felix was a grandson of Count Maximilian von Loë (1817-1879).
Count Felix died from wounds received in action in Schwaneburg, Latvia
44.32111 Count Friedrich von Loë 1926   Baroness Inez von Boeselager 1935    
44.32112 Baroness Christine von Loë 1927   Prince Johannes of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1919 2000 Johannes was an uncle of Prince Alois-Konstantin (9th Prince of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg). Alois-Konstantin's father and Johannes were brothers
44.321121 Prince Michael of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1950     Andrea Reuter 1961    
44.321122 Prince Karl of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1952   Baroness Maria-Assunta von Weichs zur Wenne 1952    
44.321123 Prince Felix of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1954   Countess Elisabeth von Meran 1955   Countess Elisabeth is a direct descendant via her father of Archduke Johann Baptist of Austria (1782-1859) (ninth son of Roman Emperor Leopold II) and his morganatic wife Anna Maria Plochl (1804-1885) (created Countess von Meran) . The descendants of Johann and his wife Anna Maria bear the title Count/Countess von Meran.
44.321124 Princess Maria Isabella of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1956     Manfred Lütz 1954    
44.321125 Princess Maria Josefine of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1958     Heribert Rustige 1959    
44.321126 Prince Martin of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1961            
44.321127 Prince Stephan Wenzeslaus of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg 1968     Andrea Elisabeth Pilatus 1966    
44.32113 Baron Wessel von Loë 1928   Countess Marie Sophie of Waldburg-Zeil-Hohenems 1932   See 20.38361
44.32114 Baroness Elisabeth von Loë 1930   Baron Philipp Wambolt von Umstadt 1918 2007  
44.32115 Baroness Paula von Loë 1931 1950          
44.32116 Baron Franz von Loë 1936   Countess Maria Josepha von Magnis 1937   Maria Josepha is a daughter of Count Ferdinand von Magnis and Princess Maria Anna of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (1914-2000). Maria Anna is a sister to Prince Johannes of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg
44.32117 Baroness Maria Rosa von Loë 1939            
44.3212 Princess Rosemary of Salm-Salm 1904 2001 Archduke Hubert Salvator of Austria (Tuscany Line) 1894 1971 See 20.3833
44.3213 Prince Nikolaus of Salm-Salm (8 th Prince of Salm-Salm) 1906 1988 Princess Ida of Wrede 1909 1998 Nikolaus succeeded his grandfather Alfred as Prince of Salm-Salm
44.3213 Prince Nikolaus of Salm-Salm (8 th Prince of Salm-Salm) 1906 1988   Elenore von Zitzewitz 1919 2011  
44.3213 Prince Nikolaus of Salm-Salm (8 th Prince of Salm-Salm) 1906 1988   Maria Moret 1930 1982  
44.3213 Prince Nikolaus of Salm-Salm (8 th Prince of Salm-Salm) 1906 1988   Christine Kostecki 1958    
44.32131 Princess Konstanze Maria of Salm-Salm 1929 1980 Count Joseph Zdenko von Thun and Hohenstein 1907 1976  
44.32132 Prince Alfred Franz of Salm-Salm 1930 1945         Alfred was killed in an air raid at Anholt, Westphalia
44.32133 Prince Carl-Phillip of Salm-Salm (9 th Prince of Salm-Salm) 1933     Erika von Morgen 1935 2007 Prince Carl-Phillip is the present Head of the Princely House of of Salm-Salm. Erika was a sister to Angela von Morgen
44.32133 Prince Carl-Phillip of Salm-Salm (9 th Prince of Salm-Salm) 1933     Elisabeth Frisch 1951   Prince Carl-Phillip is the present Head of the Princely House of of Salm-Salm
44.321331 Hereditary Prince Emanuel Philipp of Salm-Salm 1961     Zita von Klot-Heydenfeldt 1970   Investiture of HSH Emanuel, Erbprinz von Salm-Salm as a Grand Cross of Justice Royal Deputation
44.321331 Hereditary Prince Emanuel Philipp of Salm-Salm 1961     Anne Seyfang 1971    
44.321332 Prince Philipp Petrus of Salm-Salm 1963     Hermine de Cassan-Floyrac 1975    
44.3213321 Prince Willem Florentin of Salm-Salm 2005            
44.321333 Princess Felicitas Marcellina of Salm-Salm 1965     Christoph von Grolman 1959    
44.321334 Prince Clemens Angelus of Salm-Salm 1966   Countess Johanna of Stolberg-Stolberg 1969   See 20.383472
44.32134 Princess Anna Huberta of Salm-Salm 1935   Count Paul von Degenfeld-Schönburg 1924    
44.32135 Princess Margarethe Cecilia of Salm-Salm 1935     György Solznoki-Scheftsik 1926 1965  
44.32136 Prince Ludwig-Wilhelm of Salm-Salm 1953     Christiane Hansen 1966    
44.32136 Prince Ludwig-Wilhelm of Salm-Salm 1953     Ulrike Grünewald 1967    
44.32137 Prince Christian-Nikolaus of Salm-Salm 1964            
44.3214 Princess Cecilie of Salm-Salm 1911 1991 Prince Franz Josef of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck (6 th Prince of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck) 1899 1958 The House of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck is extinct following the death of Prince Franz. The cadet members of this House bear the title of Altgraf or Altgräfin.
44.32141 Altgräfin Marie Christine of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1932 2010 Count Peter Wolff Metternich zur Gracht 1929 2013 A report on the death of Count Peter Wolff Metternich zur Gracht (in German)
44.32142 Altgräfin Marie Anne of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1933 2015   Alexander Campbell Geddes 1910 1972 Alexander Campbell Geddes was the son of Sir Auckland Campbell Geddes, 1st Baron Geddes, his sister Margaret "Peg" Geddes was married to Prince Ludwig "Lu" of Hesse and by Rhine.
Marriage Registration of Altgräfin Marie Anne and Alexander Campbell Geddes.
Death Registration of Alexander Campbell Geddes
44.32142 Altgräfin Marie Anne of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1933 2015   Otto von Simson 1912 1993  
44.32143 Altgräfin Rosemary of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1937 2004 Count Johannes Hüyn 1930 2011  
44.32144 Altgräfin Isabelle of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1939   Duke Franz Albrecht von Ratibor and Prince (Fürst) von Corvey (4 th Duke von Ratibor and 4 th Prince von Corvey), Prince zu Hohenlohe-Schillingsfürst 1920 2009 See 32.83216
44.32145 Altgräfin Gabrielle Louisanne of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1941 1985 Count Ernst Friedrich von Goëss 1932 1999  
44.321451 Countess Svea von Goëss 1962     Charles George Yule Balfour 1951   Charles is heir presumptive to the Earldom of Balfour, the current 5th Earl of Balfour is Charles's elder brother Roderick Balfour. Charles's great grandfather Eustace Balfour (1854-1911) was a younger brother to Arthur Balfour (1848-1930) Prime Minister of United Kingdom from 1902 to 1905 who was created 1st Earl of Balfour.
44.321452 Countess Filippa von Goëss 1964     Tilo Berlin 1958    
44.321453 Count Moritz von Goëss 1966   Duchess Eleonore "Fleur" of Württemberg 1977   See 22.K311166
44.32146 Altgräfin Cecilie Christine of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1943            
44.32147 Altgräfin Georgine of Salm-Reifferscheidt-Krautheim and Dyck 1947 1950          
44.3215 Prince Franz of Salm-Salm 1912 1917          
44.322 Archduchess Maria Anna of Austria (Teschen Line) 1882 1940 Duke Elias of Bourbon-Parma 1880 1959 See 38.J
44.323 Archduchess Maria Henrietta of Austria (Teschen Line) 1883 1956 Prince Gottfried zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingsfürst, Prince von Ratibor und Corvey 1867 1932  
44.324 Archduchess Natalie of Austria (Teschen Line) 1884 1898          
44.325 Archduchess Stephanie of Austria (Teschen Line) 1886 1890          
44.326 Archduchess Gabriella of Austria (Teschen Line) 1887 1954          
44.327 Archduchess Isabelle of Austria (Teschen Line) 1888 1973 Prince Georg of Bavaria 1880 1943 See 18.1523 - The marriage of Archduchess Isabelle and Prince Georg was to lead to consternation within the respective families. They married on 10 February 1912 at the Schönbrunn Palace in the presence of Emperor Franz Joseph (grandfather to Prince Georg). Incompatibility lead to the couple quarrelling during their honeymoon period with Isabelle leaving Georg after just three days of Bavarian Court life. Attempts at reconciliation by the families were unsuccessful and their marriage was dissolved by the Bavarian Supreme Court on 17 January 1913.
Perhaps snubbing of Isabelle by the Bavarian Royal family also had a bearing on the quick dissolvement of their marriage.
It is interesting to note that the Pope also issued a decree to dissolve the marriage.
Prince Georg was also considered to be an expert boxer.
44.328 Archduchess Maria Alice of Austria (Teschen Line) 1893 1962 Baron Friedrich Waldbott von Bassenheim 1889 1959  
44.3281 Baroness Maria Immaculata Waldbott von Bassenheim 1921 2020 Count Hans Heribert of Toerring-Jettenbach 1903 1977 See 18.K523
44.3282 Baron Anton Waldbott von Bassenheim 1922     Thea Schonpflug 1938   Baron Anton was jailed for eight months in 1950 for stealing silver from his uncle (presumably Duke Elias of Bourbon-Parma)
44.3283 Baron Paul Waldbott von Bassenheim 1924 2008 Countess Marie Therese von Wickenburg 1929    
44.3284 Baroness Isabelle Waldbott von Bassenheim 1926 2009 Count Pongracz Somssich de Sáard 1920    
44.3285 Baroness Stephanie Waldbott von Bassenheim 1929   Count Johannes of Königsegg-Aulendorf 1925    
44.3286 Baron Josef Waldbott von Bassenheim 1933            
44.329 Archduke Albrecht of Austria (4 th Duke of Teschen) 1897 1955   Irene Lelbach 1897 1985 Marriage Registration of Archduke Albrecht and Irene Lelbach (she was previously married to Ludwig Rudnay hence reason for double entries in the GRO Index).
Albrecht and Irene who were married in 1930 divorced in 1937.
An interesting account of the efforts of Archduke Albrecht's mother Princess Isabella of Croÿ to put forward a claim for her son to be King of Hungary in preference to that of Archduke Otto the legitimate claimant.
Another article two years later in 1928 was suggesting Archduke Otto was ineligible for the crown of Hungary leaving the way open to Archduke Albrecht to be elected.
44.329 Archduke Albrecht of Austria (4 th Duke of Teschen) 1897 1955   Katalin "Catherine" Bocskay de Felso-Banya 1909 2000 An interesting Newspaper article on Katalin and her petition for the guardianship of her two daughters Sárolta (Charlotte) and Ildiko
44.329 Archduke Albrecht of Austria (4 th Duke of Teschen) 1897 1955   Lidia Strausz Dorner ? 1998 A report on the death of Archduke Albrecht
44.3291 Countess Sárolta (Charlotte) von Habsburg, Princess of Hungary 1940 2020   Ferdinand Joseph Wutholen 1927 2018  
44.3292 Countess Ildiko Katalin von Habsburg, Princess of Hungary 1942     Terry Douglas Fortier 1939 2002 Funeral notice for Terry Douglas Fortier
44.33 Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria (Teschen Line) 1858 1929 King Alfonso XII of Spain 1857 1885 See 10.7
A report on the marriage of Maria Christina and Alfonso
44.34 Archduke Karl Stefan of Austria (Teschen Line) 1860 1933 Archduchess Maria Theresa of Austria (Tuscany Line) 1862 1933 See 20.381 - Archduke Karl Stefan was considered as a candidate for the Throne of an independent Poland.
The New York Times report on the marriage of Karl Stefan and Maria Theresa
44.341 Archduchess Eleonora of Austria (Teschen Line) 1886 1974   Alfons von Kloss 1880 1953 The marriage of Archduchess Eleonora to Alfons was the first time an Archduchess had married a commoner with the full permission of Emperor Franz Joseph
44.342 Archduchess Renata of Austria (Teschen Line) 1888 1935 Prince Hieronymus Radziwill 1885 1945 Prince Hieronymus was captured by Russian troops towards the end of the Second World War and died in a concentration camp. (Background information - the Radziwill family originated from Lithuania and their princely title was recognised by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1547). Hieronymus married secondly a cousin Princess Jadwiga Radziwill (1905-1974).
44.3421 Princess Maria-Tereza Radziwill 1910 1973          
44.3422 Prince Dominik Radziwill 1911 1976 Princess Eugenie of Greece and Denmark 1910 1989 See 16.22
Engagement announcement of Dominic and Eugenie
An "after the event" report on the marriage of Dominic and Eugenie
Some three years after her divorce from Dominic's Eugenie filed a claim for possession of jewellery worth £30,000 which she alleged was taken from her bank in South Africa by her ex-husband.
44.3422 Prince Dominic Radziwill 1911 1976   Lida Bloodgood 1923 2008 A SILVER THREE-PIECE TEA SERVICE sold at "Christies" the auctoneers provides some intersting information on the ancestry of Lida Bloodgood
44.34221 Princess Tatiana Radziwill 1939     Jean Fruchard 1937    
44.342211   Fabiola Fruchard 1967     Thierry Herrman 1965    
44.3422111   Tatiana Herrman 1996            
44.342212   Alexis Fruchard 1969     Natalie Chandler ?    
44.34222 Prince Jerzy Radziwill 1942 2001   Françoise Lageat 1931 1992   
44.34223 Princess Lida Maria Renata Radziwill 1954 2014   André Wagnière 1951    
44.34224 Princess Maria Ludwika Hedwig Radziwill 1956     Antonio Moncada dei Principi di Paterno 1958    
44.34225 Princess Lyda Dominique Radziwill 1959   Prince Innocenzo Odescalchi 1931    
44.3423 Prince Karol Hieronymus Radziwill 1912 2005   Maria Luisa de Alvear y Quirno 1913 1989  
44.3423 Prince Karol Hieronymus Radziwill 1912 2005   Teresa Soto y Alderete ?   An interesting account of Karol Hieronymus
Orignal link no longer availablem, Internet Archive Wayback Mmachine to reproduce an archived link
44.3424 Prince Albrecht Hieronymus Radziwill 1914 1932          
44.3425 Princess Eleonore Radziwill 1918 1997 Count Benedikt Ladislaus Tyszkiewicz 1905 1956  
44.3425 Princess Eleonore Radziwill 1918 1997   Roger de Froidcourt 1931    
44.3426 Princes Leon-Hieronymus Stanislaus Radziwill 1922 1973          
44.343 Archduke Karl Albrecht of Austria (Teschen Line) 1888 1951   Alice Ankarcrona 1889 1985 Alice was granted the hereditary title Princess von Altenburg on 15 December 1949 by written authorisation of Archduke Otto Head of the Austrian Imperial Family. Children of this marriage bear the surname Habsburg and the title Prince/Princess Altenburg.
Alice Ankarcrona at the wedding of her niece (by marriage) Princess Eleonore Radziwill to Count Benedikt Ladislaus Tyszkiewicz (not Count Benedykt Czartoryski as shown in the caption to the photograph).
44.3431 Prince Karl Stefan von Altenburg 1921     Maria-Louise af Petersens 1910 1998  
44.3432 Princess Maria-Christina (or Maria Krystyna) von Altenburg 1923 2012         A report on the funeral of Princess Maria-Christina (or Maria Krystyna)
44.3433 Prince Karl Albrecht von Altenburg 1926 1928          
44.3434 Princess Renata von Altenburg 1931     Eduardo de Zulueta y Dato 1923    
44.344 Archduchess Mechtildis of Austria (Teschen Line) 1891 1966 Prince Olgierd Czartoryski 1888 1977  
44.345 Archduke Leo Karl of Austria (Teschen Line) 1893 1939 Countess Marie-Klotilde de Thuillières de Montjoye-Vaufray et de la Roche 1893 1978 Archduke Leo Karl died from tuberculosis. Conflicting sources show the children of Archduke Leo Karl and his wife as either Archduke/Archduchess of Austria or Count/Countess von Habsburg
44.3451 Archduchess Maria Desiderata of Austria (Teschen Line) 1923 1988 Count Wolfgang von Hartig 1922 1995  
44.3452 Archduchess Mechtildis of Austria (Teschen Line) 1924 2000 Count Manfred Piatti 1924    
44.34521 Countess Andrea Piatti 1949     Michael Weissel 1946    
44.34522 Count Alfons Piatti 1950     Verena Zimburg 1955    
44.34523 Count Michael Piatti-Fünfkirchen 1955   Baroness Sophie Pongrácz de Szent-Miklós et Ovár 1959    
44.34524 Count Ferdinand Piatti 1962     Angelina von Rohrer 1970    
44.34525 Count Benedikt von Piatti 1966   Archduchess Margherita of Austria (Hungarian Line) 1972   See 21.74183
44.3453 Archduchess Elisabeth Irene of Austria (Teschen Line) 1927            
44.3454 Archduke Leo-Stefan Maria of Austria (Teschen Line) 1928     Gabriele Kunert 1935 1975  
44.3454 Archduke Leo-Stefan Maria of Austria (Teschen Line) 1928     Heidi Aigner 1942    
44.3455 Archduke Hugo Carl of Austria (Teschen Line) 1930 1981   Eleonore Kristen 1943    
44.346 Archduke Wilhelm of Austria (Teschen Line) 1895 1954         Archduke Wilhelm died in a Russian Concentration Camp in the Ukraine having been arrested by the Russian Secret Service in Vienna just after the Second World War
44.35 Archduke Eugen of Austria (Teschen Line) 1863 1954          
44.36 Archduchess Marie Eleonore of Austria (Teschen Line) 1864 1864          
44.4 Archduke Friedrich of Austria (Teschen Line) 1821 1847          
44.5 Archduke Rudolf of Austria (Teschen Line) 1822 1822          
44.6 Archduchess Maria Karoline of Austria (Teschen Line) 1825 1915 Archduke Rainer of Austria 1827 1913 Rainer's father Archduke Rainer Joseph of Austria (1783-1853) was a younger brother of Emperor Franz I of Austria.
Maria Karoline and Rainer were first cousins their respective fathers were brothers.
A report on the death of Archduke Rainer
44.7 Archduke Wilhelm of Austria (Teschen Line) 1827 1894         Wilhelm was killed in a horse riding accident in very unusual circumstances

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