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Demidoff (also Demidov) de San Donato Princely Family Demidoff Coat of Arms

Coats of Arms kindly provided by Alexandre Tissot Demidoff

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50 Count Nicholas Nikitich Demidoff 1773 1828 Baroness Elisabeth Alexandrovna Stroganoff 1779 1818 The Demidoff family in the late 17 th century and early 18th century made their initial wealth from iron/steel and weapon production in Russia. They later discovered and worked gold, silver and copper mines further adding to their inherited wealth. Their wealth in the late 18th and early 19th centuries was great possibly only exceeded by that of the Tsar of Russia.
. Another article on the origination of the Demidoff family.
The mausoleum of Elisabeth Alexandrovna Stroganoff and the strange rumour that anyone who would spend a year locked in the mausoleum would receive a vast sum of money.
50.1 Count Paul Nikolaievich Demidoff 1798 1840 Baroness Aurora Stjernwall 1808 1902 Ten interesting facts about Aurora Stjernwall.
50.11 Prince Paul Pavlovitch Demidoff (2nd Prince de San Donato) 1839 1885 Princess Marie Elimovna Mestcherski 1844 1868 Paul Pavlovitch succeeded his uncle Anatole Demidoff as Prince de San Donato.
Marie Elimovna was the first love of the future Emperor Alexander III of Russia prior to his subsequent marriage to Princess Dagmar of Denmark.
A very brief report on the marriage of Paul and Marie Elimovna (is on page 7).
Marie Elimovna died two days after the birth of her son Elim Pavlovich
Prince Paul Demidoff loses a million francs at a game of cards
50.11 Prince Paul Pavlovitch Demidoff (2nd Prince de San Donato) 1839 1885 Princess Helene Petrovna Troubetzkoi 1853 1917  
50.111 Prince Elim Pavlovich Demidoff (3rd Prince de San Donato) 1868 1943 Countess Sophie Hilarionovna Worontzov-Dachkov 1870 1953  
50.112 Prince Nikita Pavlovich Demidoff de San Donato 1872 1874          
50.113 Princess Aurore Pavlovna Demidoff de San Donato 1873 1904 Prince Arsen of Serbia 1859 1938 See 7.J
50.113 Princess Aurore Pavlovna Demidoff de San Donato 1873 1904 Conte Palatin Nicola di Noghera 1875 1944  
50.1131 Contessa Palatine Helene Aurore Noghera 1898 1967   Gaston Tissot 1891 1945  
50.11311   Humbert Tissot 1921 2008   Marguerite Mendes Teske 1928 1992 Obituary notice for Humbert Tissot
50.113111   Fernand (Fred) Tissot 1955            
50.113112   Alexandre Tissot Demidoff 1956     Catherine Ann Menne 1959    
50.1131121   Simone Marie Tissot Demidoff 1987            
50.1131122   Peter Alexandre Tissot Demidoff 1990            
50.113113   Marie "Christine" Tissot 1960            
50.1131131   Nicolle Danielle Tissot 1991            
50.114 Prince Anatole Pavlovitch Demidoff (4th Prince de San Donato) 1874 1941   Eugenie Podmener 1871 1958  
50.1141 Princess Helene Anatolievna Demidoff de San Donato 1901 1970   Paul René Geoffroy 1903 1991  
50.1142 Princess Eugenie Anatolievna Demidoff de San Donato 1902 1955   Jean Gerber 1905 1981  
50.1143 Princess Aurore Anatolievna Demidoff de San Donato 1909 1944   Jean Giraud 1912 1962  
50.115 Princess Maria Pavlovna Demidoff de San Donato 1877 1955 Prince Semen Semenovich Abamelik-Lazarev 1857 1916  
50.116 Prince Paul Pavlovitch Demidoff de San Donato 1879 1909          
50.117 Princess Helene Pavlovna Demidoff de San Donato 1884 1959 Count Alexandre Pavlovich Schouvaloff 1881 1935 Death Registration of Alexandre Schouvaloff
Grave plot of Alexandre Schouvaloff
50.117 Pavlovna Helene Pavlovna Demidoff de San Donato 1884 1959   Nikolai Alexeievich Pavlov 1866 1934  
50.1171 Count Paul Alexandrovitch Schouvaloff 1903 1960   Anna Ivanovna Raevsky 1903 1991 Marriage Registration of Paul Alexandrovitch and Anna Ivanovna
Paul Alexandrovitch Schouvaloff went under the name of Paul Sheriff and he became a stage designer. He won an Oscar in 1953 for art director of the film Moulin Rouge.
Death Registration of Paul Alexandrovitch Schouvaloff
Death Registration of Anna Schouvaloff (née Raevsky)
Grave plot of Paul Schouvaloff
Grave plot of Anna Schouvaloff
50.11711 Count Alexander Pavlovitch Schouvaloff 1934 2012   Gillian Baker 1935   Birth Registration of Alexander Pavlovitch Schouvaloff
Birth Registration of Gillian Baker
50.11711 Count Alexander Pavlovitch Schouvaloff 1934 2012   Daria Raoulovna Chorley (née de Mérindol) 1932   Marriage Registration of Alexander and Daria.
Obituary on Count Alexander Schouvaloff, plus a second one .
50.117111 Count Alexander Schouvaloff 1959     Anna Yuriovna Marouchin 1972    
50.11712 Countess Helen Schouvaloff 1904 1992 Prince Peter Alexandrovich Lieven 1887 1943  
50.11712 Countess Helen Schouvaloff 1904 1992   Wilfrid Noel Stubbs 1911 1995 Marriage Registration of Helen Schouvaloff and Wilfrid Stubbs.
William Stubbs was born in Egypt.
Death Registration of Wilfrid Stubbs
Gravestone of Helen Schouvaloff and Wilfrid Stubbs
50.117121   Paul Stubbs 1940           Birth Registration of Paul Stubbs
50.2 Prince Anatole Demidoff (1st Prince de San Donato) 1813 1870 Princess Mathilde Laetitia Bonaparte 1820 1904 See 22.122 - Anatole was conferred with the title "Prince of San Donato" by Grand Duke Leopold II of Tuscany in 1840 just weeks before his marriage to Mathilde Laetitia. Anatole physically and mentally abused his wife, even insulting her and hitting her in public. The abuse became so intolerable that in 1847 Tsar Nicholas I ordered him out of the family home and mandated that the he pay Mathilde Laetitia a considerable living allowance.
Anatole incurred the wrath of the Tsar when it became known the any children of Anatole and Mathilde Laetitia were to brought up in the Roman Catholic faith.
An interesting account of the monetary terms discussions between Anatole and Mathilde Laetitia regarding a divorce.
Anatole is reported to have bought the famous Sancy Diamond which had passed through various royal families and nobles until it was sold in 1978 to the French Louvre for $1 million by the 4th Viscount Astor. However a newspaper article in 1863 reported it was Anatole's nephew Paul Pavlovitch Demidoff who owned the diamond.
A report on the death of Mathilde

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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