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Index and Introduction

1 = British Royal Family

My interest in European Royalty started about 30 years or so ago when I became intrigued with the inter-marriages between Queen Victoria's descendants and other European Royal Families.

I started off with one large genealogical table using a simple word processor, gradually moving across to a combination of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

I then tried my hand at my own Web Editing more than 20 years ago (the Internet Archive Wayback Machine shows my Web Site was in being on 03 April 2000) and found that I could provide hyper-links between various parts of my Web Page. This was the stimulus I needed to start my Monarchies of Europe Web Site. The original genealogical table was too large to produce as one Web Page, so I took the plunge and started to produce separate Web Pages for individual Royal Families

I have produced separate genealogical tables and hence corresponding number of Web Pages for most of the main European Royal Families (47 to date) and update or add to them on a regular basis. Visitors to my site can readily click between the pages for any inter-marriage. The genealogical tables are very comprehensive and I believe they include all the descendants of Queen Victoria.

Wherever possible I have traced the lineage via the male line of the family, one of the notable exceptions being the descendants of Prince Phillip of Greece (Duke of Edinburgh) which are traced via Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain II of Great Britain.

It is not my intention to duplicate the details shown in a number of other excellent Web Sites.

I have decided to only include the year details for births and deaths, and to omit dates of marriages all together.

The system I have adopted for identifying each individual is based on the following numbering system i.e.

1.1111111 up to 47.9999999

The initial one or two digits before the decimal point "." represents the particular Royal House i.e.

1 = British Royal Family,

2 = Danish Royal Family etc up to

47 = Austrian (Modena Line) Royal Family.

The numbers which follow after the decimal point "." is based on a variation to the "Henry" numbering system and is a way of identifying descendants. The first number (or exceptionally letter) refers to the first generation children in the Royal family, the second number (or exceptionally letter) refers to the second generation and so on. 1 denotes the first born, 2 denotes the second born, the corresponding alphabetic letters are used for 10 th born onwards (i.e J for the tenth born, K for the eleventh born etc)

I am indebted for the information gleaned from Hein Bruins and Paul Theroff Web Pages which I found invaluable in the initial preparation of my Web Site.

My special thanks to Arnaud Bunel who kindly gave me permission to use the various coats-of-arms from his excellent Heraldry Web Site. The site as at 07 February 2022 appears to be no longer in existence.

You can search all my Monarchies of Europe Web Pages by using the search facility at the bottom of this page.

*** The information on my Monarchies of Europe Web Pages is being added to on a daily basis and as a consequence there may be occasion when there are errors on the hyper-links or gaps in the details for some individuals. ***
2 = Danish Royal Family
3 = Swedish Royal Family
4 = Russian Royal Family
5 = Hesse and by Rhine (Darmstadt) Royal Family
6 = Roumanian (Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen) Royal Family
7 = Yugoslavian Royal Family
8 = Italian Royal Family
9 = Dutch (Netherlands) Royal Family
10 = Spanish Royal Family
11 = Prussian (German) Royal Family
12 = Portuguese Royal Family
13 = French Royal Family
14 = Belgian Royal Family
15 = Norwegian Royal Family
16 = Greek Royal Family
17 = Bulgarian Royal Family
18 = Bavarian Royal Family
19 = Austrian Royal Family
20 = Austrian (Tuscany Line) Royal Family
21 = Austrian (Hungarian Line) Royal Family
22 = Württemberg Royal Family
23 = Mecklenburg-Schwerin Royal Family
24 = Mecklenburg-Strelitz Royal Family
25 = Hanover Royal Family
26 = Saxony Royal Family
27 = Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach Royal Family
28 = Saxe-Coburg and Gotha Royal Family
29 = Saxe-Meiningen Royal Family
30 = Saxe-Altenburg Royal Family
31 = Oldenburg Royal Family
32 = Baden Royal Family
33 = Nassau-Weilburg Royal Family
34 = Luxemburg Royal Family
35 = Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg Royal Family
36 = Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Augustenburg Royal Family
37 = Bourbon-Two Sicilies Royal Family
38 = Bourbon-Parma Royal Family
39 = Leiningen Royal Family
40 = Montenegro Royal Family
41 = Liechtenstein Royal Family
42 = Waldeck and Pyrmont Royal Family
43 = Schaumburg-Lippe Royal Family
44 = Austrian (Teschen Line) Royal Family
45 = Hesse-Cassel Royal Family
46 = Monaco Royal Family
47 = Austrian (Modena Line) Royal Family
50 = Demidoff de San Donato Princely Family
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*** Unfortunately this interesting site is no longer hosted, you can however copy the link into the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to locate previous versions of the page. ***
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