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40 King Nicholas I "Nikola" of Montenegro 1841 1921   Milena Vukotic 1847 1923 Montenegro was ruled by prince-bishops from 1515 until 1851 when Daniel I (1826-1860) established himself as secular ruler. Daniel's efforts to reform and modernise Montenegro led to his murder. Another source mentions Danilo was assassinated in August 1860 as he was boarding a ship at the port of Kotor (also called Cattaro) by Todor Kadic, from the Bjelopavlici tribe, the motive being over Danilo's mistreatment of Kadic's family.

A Newspaper report mentions Danilo was seriously wounded on 11 August 1860 by a pistol shot and died two days later on 13 August from his injuries.

Nicholas succeeded his uncle Danilo I as Sovereign Prince of Montenegro on 13 August 1860. He became King of Montenegro on 28 August 1910, on the occasion of his Golden Jubilee, when the Kingdom of Montenegro was proclaimed and accorded International recognition as a Sovereign Kingdom. Montenegro was annexed to the new Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Yugoslavia) on 13 November 1918 but was not recognised by King Nicholas I and he was forced into exile.
Death report of King Nicholas I.
Death report of Queen Milena.
A New York Times article dated 22 October 1921 reported Nicholas I's wife Queen Milena signed a Decree which had the effect of disbanding and no longer recognising the de jure Government of Montenegro.
An article following the death of King Nicholas I and titled A QUAINT KING - NICHOLAS OF MONTENEGRO.
Nicholas and some of his family had to flee Montenegro in 1916 when Austrian forces overun the country. In 1923 police in Cetinje discovered four big cases of jewels and several cases of archives belonging to the late King.
40.1 Princess Zorka of Montenegro 1864 1890 King Peter I of Serbia 1844 1921 See 7.5 - Peter became King of Serbia on 15 June 1903 following the murder of King Alexander I of Serbia (from the unrelated House of Obrenovich) and his wife Queen Drago in their palace during an army revolt. The Kingdom of Serbia was renamed the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes in 1918.
Is this how Peter came to marry Zorka?
Some interesting observations after the wedding of Zorka and Peter.
Not long after the death of Zorka there was an estrangement between her father Nicholas and her husband Peter over the dower of a million roubles which had been given to Zorka by Tsar Alexander III of all the Russias on her marriage to Peter in 1883.
A brief report on the death of Zorka who died from Peritonitis in childbirth of her son Prince Andrej , Andrej also died the same day
40.2 Princess Militza of Montenegro 1866 1951 Grand Duke Peter of Russia 1864 1931 See 4.972 - Militza and her husband Peter in 1900 were most fortunate in surviving a train crash in which at least sixteen people died and sixty were injured. They had been attending the funeral of King Umberto I of Italy.
A brief report on the marriage of Militza and Peter
40.3 Princess Anastasia "Stana" of Montenegro 1868 1935 Duke George of Leuchtenberg 1852 1912 See 18.277 - It was reported that the Czar of Russia had promulgated a ukase dissolving the marriage of the Duke of Leuchtenberg to Princess Anastasia, this created a sensation.
40.3 Princess Anastasia "Stana" of Montenegro 1868 1935 Grand Duke Nicholas of Russia 1856 1929 See 4.971 - An interesting account of Grand Duke Nicholas as a military commander.
40.4 Princess Marija "Maritza" of Montenegro 1869 1885          
40.5 King Danilo II of Montenegro 1871 1939 Duchess Auguste Jutta of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1880 1946 See 24.8212 - Wrestling, an unusual sport in which Duchess Auguste Jutta participated.
Danilo abdicated on 7 March in 1921 in favour of his nephew Michael only one week after succeeding his father as King of Montenegro
40.6 Princess Jelena "Elena" of Montenegro 1873 1952 King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy 1869 1947 See 8.121 - Victor Emmanuel became unpopular because of his long association with Benito Mussolini and abdicated on 9 May 1946 in favour of his son Umberto. He died in exile in Egypt.
A report on the wedding of Jelena "Elena" and Victor Emmanuel (at the time of marriage in 1896 he was Prince of Naples).
Emperor Nicholas II, gave Elena a dower of 1.000,000 roubles (about £163,000) and diamonds to the value of 2,000,000 francs (£80,000) in 1896 on her approaching marriage to Victor Emmanuel.
Some "Reminiscences of the Beautiful Elena of Montenegro" written shortly after her husband Victor Emmanuel succeeded his father as King of Italy
40.7 Princess Anna of Montenegro 1874 1971 Prince Franz Josef "Franzjos" of Battenberg 1861 1924 See 5.145
40.8 Princess Sophia of Montenegro 1876 1876          
40.9 Prince Mirko of Montenegro (Grand Duke of Grahovo and Zetà) 1879 1918   Natalija Constantinovic 1882 1950 Natalija was a second cousin to King Alexander of Serbia (House of Obrenovic) (1876-1903) who along with his wife Queen Draga were assassinated in Belgrade 10 Jun 1903. Natalija's paternal grandmother Anna Obrenovic (1821-1868) and King Alexander of Serbia's grandfather Milosh Obrenovic (1829-1861) were sister/brother.
A short report on a duel between Mirko and his elder brother Danilo which arose when Mirko insulted his brothers wife Auguste Jutta.
A report on the engagement of Mirko and Natalija and implications to the throne of Serbia. Apparently there was some thoughts that Mirko should be elected King of Serbia following the assassination of King Alexander.
Natalija and Mirko were divorced in 1917. Natalija married secondly 9 January 1920 Count Gaston Errembault de Dudzeele in Eastbourne, England.
40.91 Prince Shchepac "Stephan" of Montenegro 1903 1908          
40.92 Prince Stanislav of Montenegro 1905 1908          
40.93 King Michael I of Montenegro 1908 1986   Geneviève Prigent 1919 1990 Michael succeeded his uncle Danilo as King of Montenegro (under the Co-Regency of his Grandmother, Milena, the Dowager Queen Consort and his Prime Minister (General Anto Gvozdenovic ). He became a prisoner in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II having refused to return to Montenegro as puppet King.
40.931 Crown Prince Nicholas "Nikola" II of Montenegro 1944     Francine Navarro 1950 2008 Nicholas succeeded his father, King Michael, as titular King of Montenegro (and uses the style Crown Prince Nikola II) on 24 March 1986.
It looks as if Crown Prince Nikola II has three grandchildren.
40.9311 Princess Altinaï of Montenegro 1977     Anton Martynov 1969   Informaton relating to Anton Martynov appears to be scant. I have taken his year of birth from this page
40.93111   Nikolai Martynov 2009            
40.9312 Hereditary Prince Boris of Montenegro (Grand Duke of Grahovo and Zetà) 1980     Véronique Canas da Silva 1976    
40.93121 Princess Milena of Montenegro 2008            
40.93122 Princess Antonia of Montenegro 2013            
40.94 Prince Paul of Montenegro (Prince of Raska) 1910 1933          
40.95 Prince Emanuel of Montenegro 1912 1928          
40.J Princess Xenia of Montenegro 1881 1960         It was reported in a 1903 newspaper article that Princess Xenia had jilted King Alexander I (1876-1903) (from the Obrenovich dynasty). Xenia was sent to Belgrade to meet her potential husband for the first time, she took one look at him and fled.
The same article mentioned she was engaged to the divorced Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse and by Rhine, obviously this didn't materialise in their marriage.
Xenia was an avid photographer (login now required to access paid site) and one of the first if not first woman driver in the Balkans.
40.K Princess Vera of Montenegro 1887 1927         Some memories of Princess VeraI written by Charles de Richter
40.L Prince Peter of Montenegro (Grand Duke of Zahumlije) 1889 1932   Violet Wegner 1887 1960 An interesting report on the happy relationship between Prince Peter and Violet.
It would seem their marriage only became public in 1929 some five years after the actual event.
An "intimate impression of Princess Violette of Montenegro".
"English Girl Who Wed Handsome Prince".
Birth Registration of Violet Wegner.
Two photographs of Violet Wegner and Violet Wegner.
A very brief report on the death of Violet.

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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