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Saxe-Altenburg Royal FamilySaxe-Altenburg Coat of Arms

Coats of Arms by permission of Arnaud Bunel

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30 Duke Friedrich of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1763 1834 Duchess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1769 1818 See 24.1 - Following the extinction of the Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg branch in 1825 with the death of Duke Friedrich of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (1774-1825), a rearrangement of the Saxony Duchies resulted in Duke Friedrich of Saxe-Hildburghausen receiving Saxe-Altenburg and ceding Saxe-Hildburghausen to Saxe-Meiningen territories
30.1 Prince Joseph George of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1786 1786          
30.2 Princess Charlotte of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1787 1847 Prince Paul of Württemberg 1785 1852 See 22.14
30.3 Princess Charlotte Augusta of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1788 1788          
30.4 Duke Joseph of Saxe-Altenburg 1789 1868 Duchess Amalie of Württemberg 1799 1848 See 22.23 - Joseph was conservative and resistant to reform and was forced to abdicate during the civil revolution of 1848 in favour of his brother George ( 1796-1853) .
30.41 Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg 1818 1907 King Georg V of Hanover 1819 1878 See 25.1 - A very brief report on the marriage of Marie and Georg.
George lost his throne as a result of the Annexation of Hanover by Prussia on 20 September 1866 after having taken the side of Austria in the Austrian-Prussian War . He, his wife and 3 children fled in exile to Austria. He died while on a visit to Paris. His body was brought to England for burial in St George Chapel, Windsor. George lost the sight of one eye during a childhood illness and finally went blind following a riding accident in 1834 (an alternative source quotes 1833).
However in a New York Times article it was reported that Georg had lost the sight in one eye as a boy and the sight in the other was gradually deteriorating. In 1840 a celebrated German surgeon Karl Ferdinand von Grafe (1787-1840) operated on Georg but cut through the optic nerve due to an accidental slip of his hand. Karl Ferdinand possibly through despair died shortly afterwards.
Report of the death of Marie
The New York Times report of the death of King George.
30.42 Princess Pauline of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1819 1825          
30.43 Princess Therese of Saxe-Altenburg 1823 1915          
30.44 Princess Elisabeth of Saxe-Altenburg 1826 1896 Grand Duke Peter II of Oldenburg 1827 1900 See 31.13 - The New York Times report on the death of Grand Duke Peter
30.45 Princess Alexandra of Saxe-Altenburg 1830 1911 Grand Duke Constantine of Russia 1827 1892 See 4.96 - Alexandra took the name "Alexandra Josifovna" on her marriage.
A report on the death of Constantine
30.46 Princess Luise of Saxe-Altenburg 1832 1833          
30.5 Princess Frederike of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1791 1791          
30.6 Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1792 1854 King Ludwig I of Bavaria 1786 1868 See 18.1 - Ludwig was forced to abdicate on 21 March 1848 (partly over his affair with a dancer Maria Dolores Eliza Rosanna Lola Gilbert - stage name Lola Montez) in favour of his son Maximilian.
Lola Montez (1821-1861) led a very colourful life and her exploits are well documented although some of her details regarding her birth date and name vary between the different sources. Lola was created Countess Lansfeld by Ludwig.
A report on the death of Ludwig.
30.7 Princess Luise of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1794 1825 Duke Wilhelm of Nassau 1792 1839 See 33 - Wilhelm was formerlyly Prince Wilhelm of Nassau-Weilburg and inherited the principality of Nassau-Weilburg from his father on 9 January 1816 and the Duchy of Nassau-Usingen from a distant relative only two months later on 24 March 1816. He thus became the Duke of Nassau in 1816 following the extinction of the Usingen line of the House of Nassau.
30.8 Prince Franz of Saxe-Hildburghausen 1795 1800          
30.9 Duke George of Saxe-Altenburg 1796 1853 Duchess Marie Louise of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1803 1862 See 23.12 - George succeeded his elder brother Joseph as Duke of Saxe-Altenburg in 1848. Joseph was conservative and resistant to reform and was forced to abdicate during the civil revolution of 1848.
30.91 Duke Ernst I of Saxe-Altenburg 1826 1908 Princess Friederike Amalie "Agnes" of Anhalt-Dessau 1824 1897 See 24.732
30.911 Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg 1854 1898 Prince Albrecht of Prussia 1837 1906 See 11.92 - Albrecht was Prince Regent of Brunswick 1885 to 1906, and was succeeded as Prince Regent by Duke Johann Albrecht of Mecklenburg-Schwerin from 1907 to 1913.
Marriage report on the wedding of Princess Marie and Prince Albrecht.
Another report on the marriage.
A brief report on the death of Albrecht
30.912 Hereditary Prince George of Saxe-Altenburg 1856 1856          
30.92 Prince Albert of Saxe-Altenburg 1827 1835          
30.93 Prince Moritz of Saxe-Altenburg 1829 1907 Princess Auguste of Saxe-Meiningen 1843 1919 See 29.32 - The strange custom of having to wear black underclothes at the court mourning in the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Meiningen for Prince Moritz
30.931 Princess Marie Anne of Saxe-Altenburg 1864 1918 Prince Georg II (Fürst) of Schaumburg-Lippe 1846 1911 See 43.12
30.932 Princess Elizabeth of Saxe-Altenburg 1865 1927 Grand Duke Konstantine "KR" of Russia 1858 1915 See 4.964 - Elisabeth took the name "Elizaveta Mavrikievna" on her marriage. Konstantine was the last Romanov to die whilst under the dynasty's rule.
Konstantine (KR) was the first to translate Hamlet into Russian.
The pomp and ceremony surrounding the wedding of Elisabeth and Konstantine
A small interesting article on Konstantine "KR" and Elizabeth in the Dubbo Liberal and Macquarie Advocate (NSW:1892-1927)
30.933 Princess Margaret of Saxe-Altenburg 1867 1882          
30.934 Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Altenburg 1871 1955 Princess Adelheid of Schaumburg-Lippe 1875 1971 See 43.77 - Ernst abdicated his throne on 13 November 1918.
It was reported in 1930 that Ernst II was close to being declared bankrupt with the bailiffs ready to take possession of his property.
30.934 Duke Ernst II of Saxe-Altenburg 1871 1955   Maria Triebel 1893 1957 Ernst abdicated his throne on 13 November 1918. Maria assumed the title Baroness von Rieseneck on her marriage.
It was reported by the New York Times in 1920 that Ernst was due to marry an opera singer by the name of Helena Thomas which eventually didn't materialise. However in January 1921 it was reported that he had married Helena.
30.9341 Princess Charlotte Agnes of Saxe-Altenburg 1899 1989 Prince Sigismund of Prussia 1896 1978 See 11.2132
30.9342 Hereditary Prince George Moritz of Saxe-Altenburg 1900 1991         The death of Prince George Moritz brought an end to the Princely House of Saxe-Altenburg
30.9343 Princess Elizabeth of Saxe-Altenburg 1903 1991          
30.9344 Prince Friedrich of Saxe-Altenburg 1905 1985          
30.935 Princess Luise of Saxe-Altenburg 1873 1953 Duke Eduard of Anhalt 1861 1918 See 24.7334
30.J Prince Friedrich of Saxe-Altenburg 1801 1870          
30.K Prince Maximilian of Saxe-Altenburg 1803 1803          
30.L Prince Edward of Saxe-Altenburg 1804 1852 Princess Amelia of Hohenzollern 1815 1841 Princess Amelia was a sister of Prince Karl Anton of Hohenzollern
30.L Prince Edward of Saxe-Altenburg 1804 1852 Princess Luise Reuss-Greiz 1822 1875 Luise married secondly (in 1854) Prince Heinrich IV Reuss-Köstritz (1821-1894) and their daughter Princess Eleanor Reuss-Köstritz married King Ferdinand of Bulgaria.
30.L1 Princess Theresa of Saxe-Altenburg 1836 1914 Prince Augustus of Sweden (Duke of Dalarna or English equivalent Dalecarlia) 1831 1873 See 3.15 - The New York Times report on the death of Prince Augustus 
30.L2 Princess Antoinette of Saxe-Altenburg 1838 1908 Duke Friedrich I of Anhalt 1831 1904 See 24.733
Death report on Duke Friedrich I
30.L3 Prince Ludwig of Saxe-Altenburg 1839 1844          
30.L4 Prince Johann of Saxe-Altenburg 1841 1844          
30.L5 Prince Albert of Saxe-Altenburg 1843 1902 Princess Marie of Prussia 1855 1888 See 11.511 - Marie died just 14 days after giving birth to her daughter also named Marie.
It was reported she died from puerperal fever ( caused by bacterial infection, usually of the uterus, which can occur in pregnant women or more commonly, in the days following childbirth).
30.L5 Prince Albert of Saxe-Altenburg 1843 1902 Duchess Helene of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1857 1936 See 24.842
An interesting article from the Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851 - 1904) regarding Prince Albert unable to make up his mind whether to be in the Russian or Prussian Army and encounter with his future wife Princess Helene of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.
30.L51 Princess Olga of Saxe-Altenburg 1886 1955 Count Carl Friedrich von Pückler-Burghauss 1886 1945 Carl Friedrich was Lieutenant General of the Waffen-SS and following the Nazi Germany capitulation on 7 May 1945 he refused to surrender to the Soviets and made efforts to move the troops under his command into the American occupation zone which the Americans refused to accept. Carl Friedrich was finally forced to sign capitulation on the night of May 11/12 and shortly afterwards he committed suicide.
30.L52 Princess Maria of Saxe-Altenburg 1888 1947 Prince Heinrich XXXV Reuss-Köstritz 1887 1936 See 27.2425
30.L6 Princess Marie Gasparine of Saxe-Altenburg 1845 1930 Prince Karl Günther of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen 1830 1909 Karl Günther was a son of Prince Günther II Friedrich of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen (1801-1889) and his first wife Princess Marie of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt (1809-1833). The death of Karl Günther brought an end to the Princely House of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen.
There was an article from the Spectator in 1862 which was speculating on the possible brides for the future King Edward VII of UK. Princess Marie was included as one of the prospective brides.

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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