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46 Prince Honoré IV of Monaco 1758 1819 Duchess Louise d'Aumont, de Mazarin et de la Meilleraye 1759 1826 Monaco was a sovereign country until it was forced to be incorporated into France on 15 February 1793. However with the abdication of Napoleon on 30 May 1814 the situation was reversed and the Principality was returned all the advantages, which it had enjoyed before its incorporation into France.
46.1 Prince Honoré V Gabriel of Monaco 1778 1841          
46.2 Prince Florestan I of Monaco 1785 1856   Caroline Gibert de Lametz 1793 1879  
46.21 Prince Charles III Honoré of Monaco 1818 1889 Countess Antoinette de Mérode 1828 1864 Monte Carlo was named after Prince Charles III Honoré.
The de Mérode family is one of the most important families of the Belgian nobility.
Countess Antoinette's sister Louise 1819-1868) was married to Carlo Emanuele dal Pozzo, 5th Principe della Cisterna (1787-1864) and they are the parents of Princess Maria Victoria della Cisterna wife of Prince Amedeo of Savoy (1 st Duke of Aosta).
Orbituary on Charles III Honoré.
46.211 Prince Albert Honoré Charles of Monaco 1848 1922 Lady Mary Douglas-Hamilton 1850 1922 See 32.1753 - Albert Honoré and his wife Mary Douglas-Hamilton separated one year after their marriage in 1869 which was not annulled until 1880.
The Pope appointed a special commission to look at the case for the annulment of the marriage, due to an unsatisfactory conclusion the Pope appointed a second commission which finally annulled the marriage.
Prince Albert had a great interest in science including that of oceanography and was instrumental in devising a number of techniques and instruments used for measurement and exploration of the oceans.
46.211 Prince Albert Honoré Charles of Monaco 1848 1922   Mary Alice Heine 1858 1925 Mary Alice was firstly married to Armand 7 th Duke of Richelieu (1847-1880). Armand's title Duke of Richelieu dervives from the famous Cardinal Richelieu 1 st Duke of Richelieu (1585-1642) but not from direct line descent. This blog on Richelieu may be of some interest.
An article from 1893 on the men who ran Monte Carlo Casino. The principal shareholder at that time was Edmond Blanc which he had inherited from his father. Edmond Blanc's sister Marie Blanc married Prince Roland Bonaparte father of Princess Marie Bonaparte.
The Banns of marriage of Prince Albert and Mary Alice A very brief report on the marriage of Prince Albert and Mary Alice.
It was reported in August 1902 that Prince Albert and Alice Heine were divorced, in fact they never divorced but had a judicial separation in June 1902.
Prince Albert died in a private hospital in Paris where he was resting following a serious abdominal operation performed two weeks earlier.
46.2111 Prince Louis II Honoré of Monaco 1870 1949   Ghislaine Dommanget 1900 1991 Louis II had an illegitimate daughter Charlotte Louise (see below) by Juliet Louvet (1867-1930).
Louis II finally got married at the age 76 to Ghislaine who was 30 years his junior. A brief report on the marriage of Louis II and Ghislaine.
The New York Times report on Louis's succession to the Throne of Monaco mentions he had secretly married Juliet Louvet. This report also makes interesting reading on the succession process for making Louis's daughter Charlotte Louise heiress to the Principality of Monaco.
A report on the death of Prince Louis.
46.21111   Charlotte Louise Louvet 1898 1977 Count Pierre de Polignac 1895 1964 Charlotte Louise was the illegitimate daughter of Prince Louis II Honoré of Monaco by Juliet Louvet. She was legitimated by stages and made heiress to the Principality of Monaco and created Duchess de Valentinois 16 May 1919. She renounced her rights in favour of her son Rainier on 30 May 1944. Her husband Pierre was created Duke de Valentinois and Prince of Monaco 18 March 1920 just one day before their marriage.
It was reported in 1908 that Prince Louis had abducted his daughter from her mother Juliet Louvet.
Charlotte Louise and her husband were judicially separated on 20 March 1930 although they weren't divorced until 18 February 1933 apparently by ordinance of Charlotte's father Prince Louis II.
Prince Pierre was banned from living in Monaco in 1930 as part of the separation settlement with Princess Charlotte
46.211111 Princess Antoinette Louise of Monaco 1920 2011   Alexandre Noghès 1916 1999 An interesting account of how and why Antoinette was abducted in 1936 by her Grandfather Prince Louis II Honoré.
Antoinette was created Baroness de Massy by her brother Prince Rainer on 15 November 1951 a few weeks before her marriage to Alexandre Noghès
46.211111 Princess Antoinette Louise of Monaco 1920 2011   Jean-Charles Rey 1914 1994  
46.211111 Princess Antoinette Louise of Monaco 1920 2011   John Gilpin 1930 1983 John Gilpin was Principal Dancer of Festival Ballet (now English National Ballet) and died from a heart attack just six weeks after his wedding to Princess Antoinette Louise.
Obituary on Princess Antoinette.
Birth Registration of John Gilpin.
Death Registration of John Gilpin.
46.211112 Prince Rainier III of Monaco 1923 2005   Grace Kelly 1929 1982 Grace Kelly was killed in a motor car accident in Monaco. Her daughter Stéphanie who was a passenger in the car sustained minor injuries.
Reports on the separate civil and religious marriage of Prince Rainier and Grace Kelly.
A Special Tribute to Princess Grace shortly after her death.
46.2111121 Princess Caroline Louise of Monaco 1957     Philippe Junot 1940   Caroline and Philippe married 28 June 1978 (civil) followed 29 June 1978 (religious) and were divorced 9 October 1980 with it finally being annulled 27 February 1992.
46.2111121 Princess Caroline Louise of Monaco 1957     Stefano Casiraghi 1960 1990 Stefano was killed near Monaco whilst defending his Class 1 Offshore World Championship title. His boat was travelling at approximately 100 mph when it went airborne and tipped over backwards resulting in his immediate death. The world title was not awarded in 1990, as a mark of respect for Stefano Casiraghi.
46.2111121 Princess Caroline Louise of Monaco 1957   Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg) 1954   See 25.11612 - Ernst August is the present Head of the Royal Houses of Hanover and Brunswick
46.21111211   Andrea Albert Casiraghi 1984     Tatiana Santo Domingo 1983    
46.211112111   Alexandre "Sacha" Casiraghi 2013            
46.211112112   India Casiraghi 2015            
46.211112113   Maximilian Rainier Casiraghi 2018            
46.21111212   Charlotte Marie Casiraghi 1986     Dimitri Rassam 1981   Report on the wedding of Charlotte and Dimitri
46.211112121   Raphaël Elmaleh 2013           Raphaël's parents are Charlotte Casiraghi and Gad Elmaleh (a French comic/actor)
46.211112122   Balthazar Rassam 2018            
46.21111213   Pierre Rainier Casiraghi 1987     Beatrice Borromeo 1985   Pierre and Beatrice married in a civil ceremony on Saturday, 25 July 2015 in the gardens of the Prince's Palace of Monaco. The religious ceremony took place on 1 August 2015 on Isola Bella, one of the Borromean Islands on Lake Maggiore, Italy.

I visited Isola Bella on 29 June 2015 a month or so before the religious ceremony and this is a photograph taken during my visit. Isola Bella
46.211112131   Stefano Ercole Casiraghi 2017            
46.211112132   Francesco Carlo Albert Casiragh 2018            
46.2111122 Prince Albert Alexandre of Monaco 1958     Charlene Lynette Wittstock 1978   An exclusive interview with Prince Rainier just over a year after the birth of Prince Albert on the problems of royal parents.
46.21111221   Jazmin Grace Grimaldi 1992           Jazmin's parents are Prince Albert of Monaco and Tamara Jean Rotolo
46.21111222   Eric Alexandre Coste 2003           Eric's parents are Prince Albert of Monaco and Nicole Coste
46.21111223 Princess Gabriella of Monaco (Countess of Carladès) 2014            
46.21111224 Hereditary Prince Jacques of Monaco (Marquis of Baux) 2014            
46.2111123 Princess Stéphanie Marie of Monaco 1965     Daniel Ducruet 1964   Stéphanie and Daniel married 1 July 1995 and were divorced 4 October 1996.
46.2111123 Princess Stéphanie Marie of Monaco 1965     Adans Lopez Peres 1975   It's uncertain if this marriage actually took place, there is no information on the official Monaco Web Site
46.21111231   Louis Robert Ducruet 1992     Marie Hoa Chevallier 1992    
46.211112311   Victoire Ducruet 2023            
46.21111232   Pauline Grace Ducruet 1994            
46.21111233   Camille Marie Kelly Gottlieb 1998           The father of Camille Marie is not published although Wikipedia does mention the father is Jean Raymond Gottlieb)(1967- ) a former Palace Guard at the Palais Princier in Monaco
46.22 Princess Florestine of Monaco 1833 1897 Count Wilhelm of Württemberg 1810 1869 See 22.53 - Wilhelm was created Duke von Urach on 28 May 1867, his issue bore the title Prince(ss) von Urach

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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