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25 King Ernest August I of Hanover 1771 1851 Duchess Friederike Karoline of Mecklenburg-Strelitz 1778 1841 See 24.7 - For over 100 years prior to 1837 Hanover was linked to Great Britain sharing the same Kings. This link being broken when Queen Victoria ascended the throne of Great Britain in 1837 (succeeding her uncle King William IV ) but was prevented from succeeding to the Hanover throne due to the prevailing Salic laws of that country. Queen Victoria's uncle Prince Ernest (Duke of Cumberland) was next in line to the Hanover throne and became King Ernest August I in 1837. This ended the 123 year personal union of Hanover and Great Britain under a common King, which commenced when George Louis (1660-1727) Elector of Hanover became King George I of Great Britain in 1714.
A newspaper article in June 1837 reported that King William IV had signed a paper on the subject of the family law of Brunswick Lunenburg in relationship to the succession to the throne of Hanover.
Ernest August and Friederike Karoline were first cousins. Ernest August's mother (Sophie-Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1744-1818)) was a sister to Friederike Karoline's father Grand Duke Karl II of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (1741-1816)).
The New York Times report of the death of King Ernest August.
A somewhat uncomplimentary report on the death of Ernest August.
Report on the death of Queen Friederike. The report mention the Duchess of Anhalt Dessau attended the Queen leading up to her death; the Duchess of Anhalt Dessau was the daughter of Queen Friederike by her first husband Prince Ludwig of Prussia (1773-1796)
25.1 King George V of Hanover 1819 1878 Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg 1818 1907 See 30.41 - George lost his throne as a result of the Annexation of Hanover by Prussia on 20 September 1866 after having taken the side of Austria in the Austrian-Prussian War . He, his wife and 3 children fled in exile to Austria. He died while on a visit to Paris. His body was brought to England for burial in St George Chapel, Windsor. George lost the sight of one eye during a childhood illness and finally went blind following a riding accident in 1834 (an alternative source quotes 1833).
However in a New York Times article it was reported that Georg had lost the sight in one eye as a boy and the sight in the other was gradually deteriorating. In 1840 a celebrated German surgeon Karl Ferdinand von Grafe (1787-1840) operated on Georg but cut through the optic nerve due to an accidental slip of his hand. Karl Ferdinand possibly through despair died shortly afterwards.
When Hanover was separated from Great Britain in 1837, George's father Ernest August sought to obtain the jewels left by his mother Queen Charlotte. The matter went to arbitration, and just as the three arbitrators made up of eminent lawyers were to announce their decision one of them died making the arbitration void. Queen Victoria put delaying tactics in place but in 1858 by virtue of an arbitration the jewels were awarded and handed over to Hanover.
With Hanover being annexed by Prussia following the Austrian-Prussian War, King George made arrangements for the Hanover state treasures to be shipped to Great Britain.
The New York Times report of the death of Marie
The New York Times report of the death of King George.
The funeral of King George
25.11 Crown Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) & (Duke of Cumberland) 1845 1923 Princess Thyra of Denmark 1853 1933 See 2.5 - Ernst August declared his rights to succeed his very distant cousin Duke Wilhelm (1806-1884) to the Duchy of Brunswick (and Wolfenbüttel) in 1884 but was stopped from reigning by the Imperial Diet in 1885. He renounced his rights to Brunswick in favour of his son 24 October 1913, which on 27 October 1913 resulted in the reversal of the decision by the Imperial Diet.
The duchy was governed by regents between 1885 and 1913
Another insight into the Hanover and Brunswick dispute.
Some thoughts by a German correspondent on the betrothal of Ernst August and Thyra.
A report on the wedding of Ernst August and Thyra.
An interesting The New York Times article on the succession rights to Brunswick
25.111 Princess Marie Louise of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1879 1948 Margrave Maximilian "Max" of Baden 1867 1929 See 32.552 - Maximilan "Max" was appointed German Chancellor on 3 October 1918 and placed in charge of obtaining a negotiated peace with the allies. He resigned his office on 9 November 1918. Max who was Heir Apparent to the Throne of Baden, renounced all claims to the Succession for himself and his heirs on 22 November 1918, coincidentally with the Abdication of Grand Duke Friedrich II of Baden.
An interesting article on the betrothal of Max and Marie Louise.
A report on the death of Max.
A genealogical biased article on Max
25.112 Prince George William of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1880 1912         Prince George (along with his valet) was killed in a motor accident in Brandenburg , Germany whilst on the way to the funeral of his uncle King Frederick VIII of Denmark. It was reported the Prince was driving his car. at a speed of 60 miles per hour in order to reach an overnight stop in Schwerin before travelling the following day to Copenhagen, the car skidded an a newly laid road surface.
A detailed report on the accident. The article also mentions the Kaiser was alone amongst the reigning Royal Families of Europe not to be appraised of the accident and as a consequence ordered that none of Hohenzollern Princess would attend the funeral.
The Mercury (Hobart, Tasmania) article Wednesday 22 May 1912 gives another insight into the Prince's death.
25.113 Princess Alexandra of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1882 1963 Grand Duke Friedrich Franz IV of Mecklenburg-Schwerin 1882 1945 See 23.11112 - Friedrich Franz IV renounced his throne on 14 November 1918.
Report on the wedding of Alexandra and Friedrich Franz which took place on 7 June 1904 but which was overshadowed by the death of Alexandra's Aunt Princess Marie Ernestine of Hanover who died a couple of days earlier on 4 June 1904
25.114 Princess Olga of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1884 1958         There were rumours in 1913 that Princess Olga was to be betrothed to Prince Adalbert of Prussia the third son of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. It was also reported around the same time that Olga was to be betrothed to Prince Oskar of Prussia a younger brother of Prince Adalbert.
25.115 Prince Christian of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1885 1901         Christian died in unfortunate circumstances, he developed appendicitis which was left untreated and which turned into peritonitis.
A short report on Christian's death
25.116 Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1887 1953 Princess Viktoria-Luise of Prussia 1892 1980 See 11.2117 - Ernst August succeeded to the Duchy of Brunswick (and Wolfenbüttel) on 1 November 1913 following his father's renunciation on 24 October 1913. He abdicated his throne on 8 November 1918.
An in depth newspaper article regarding the quarrel between the Houses of Hanover and Hohenzollern before and after the marriage of Prince Ernst August and Princess Viktoria-Luise.
25.1161 - QVD Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1914 1987 Princess Ortrud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg 1925 1980 See 35.455 - A very short report on the wedding of Ernst August and Ortrud ogether with a photograph of the happy couple on their arrival at the Market Church Hanover for their Church Wedding.
An unfortunate circumstance occurred a couple of days after their wedding. A 17 year old god-child of Prince Ernst August by the name of Ernst August Oppermann was found seriously injured from knife wounds which possibly were self inflicted in a suicide attempt because of his disappointment at not being invited to the wedding.
Ernst August and Ortrud were married on 31 August 1951.
Prior to this marriage Ernst August had an affair with Baroness Maria Anna von Humbodt-Dachroeden (ex-wife of his cousin Prince Hubertus of Prussia, Maria Anna and Hubertus divorced 4 January 1943) resulting in a son Christian Ernst August Hubertus born 27 December 1943.
25.1161 - QVD Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1914 1987 Countess Monika of Solms-Laubach 1929 2015 Official announcement of the death of Countess Monika
25.11611 - QVD Princess  Marie of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1952   Count Michael von Hochberg (and Baron zu Fürstenstein) 1943   Michael's great great grandfather Hans Heinrich X Count von Hochberg (and Baron zu Fürstenstein) (1806-1855) was created the first Prince (Fürst) of Pless in 1850.
25.116111 - QVD Count Conrad von Hochberg 1985            
25.116112 - QVD Count Georg von Hochberg 1987            
25.11612 - QVD Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1954     Chantal Hochuli 1955   Ernst August is the present Head of the Royal Houses of Hanover and Brunswick
25.11612 - QVD Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1954   Princess Caroline Louise of Monaco 1957   See 46.2111121 - Ernst August is the present Head of the Royal Houses of Hanover and Brunswick
25.116121 - QVD Prince Ernst August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1983     Ekaterina Malysheva 1986   Ekaterina Malysheva is a Russian born London based designer and founder of EKAT
25.1161211 - QVD Princess Elisabeth of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg) 2018           A report on the birth of Elisabeth
25.1161212 - QVD Prince Welf August of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg) 2019           A report on the birth of Welf August
25.116122 - QVD Prince Christian Heinrich of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1985     Alessandra de Osma 1993?   Report on the civil wedding of Prince Christian and Alessandra.
Report on the religious wedding of Prince Christian and Alessandra
25.116123 - QVD Princess Alexandra Charlotte of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1999            
25.11613 - QVD Prince Ludwig Rudolph Adolph of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1955 1988 Countess Isabella von Thurn und Valsassina-Como-Vercelli 1962 1988 Isabelle died of a drug overdose and later on the same day Ludwig Rudolph committed suicide by shotgun.
Another report on the tragic circumstances.
This tragic event occurred just 14 months after the couple were married.
25.116131 - QVD Prince  Otto Heinrich of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1988            
25.11614 - QVD Princess Olga Sophie of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1958            
25.11615 - QVD Princess Alexandra of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1959   Prince Andreas of Leiningen (8th Prince of Leiningen) 1955   See 39.212313 - Following the second marriage of his elder brother Prince Karl-Emich it would appear that the family members regard Prince Andreas as the Head of the Family
25.11616 - QVD Prince Heinrich Julius of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1961     Thyra von Westernhagen 1973    
25.116161 - QVD   Oscar Julius Nick 1996           Oscar Julius parents are Prince Heinrich Julius and Désirée Saskia Nick.
A strange court case involving Désirée Saskia Nick and Heinrich Julius's wife Thyra
25.116162 - QVD Prince Albert of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1999            
25.116163 - QVD Princess Eugenia of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 2001            
25.116164 - QVD Prince Julius of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg) 2006            
25.1162 - QVD Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1915 2006 Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark 1914 2001 See 16.74 - Prince Georg Wilhelm was headmaster 1948 to 1958 of the famous Salem College in Germany which had been founded in 1920 by his uncle by marriage Prince Maximilian "Max" of Baden.
A short article on Princess Sophie and her two sisters not being invited to the wedding of her brother Prince Philip to the future Queen Elizabeth II.
An obituary on Prince Georg Wilhelm can be found at and the corresponding obituary on Princess Sophie can be found at
25.11621 - QVD Prince  Welf Ernst of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1947 1981   Wibke van Gunsteren 1948   Prince Welf died Poona. India of a cerebral haemorrhage after collapsing during a karate practice session.
Prince Welf joined an Indian mystic sect led by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (later known as Osho).
Prince Welf was given the name Vimalkirti and his wife Wibke the name Turiya.
An interesting account of the life and death of Welf (Vimalkirti) on the sect site.
The web site of Wibke (i.e. Turiya Hanover).
25.116211 - QVD   Tania Saskia Prinzessin von Hanover 1970     Michael Naylor-Leyland 1956 2015 Birth Registration of Michael Naylor-Leyland
Michael was "Front of House Manager" at the 5 star "The Lanesborough" hotel in London.
By all accounts he was quite a flamboyant but likeable individual.
25.116211 - QVD   Tania Saskia Prinzessin von Hanover 1970     Edward Hooper 1966   Birth Registration of Edward Hooper
25.1162111 - QVD   Jake Naylor-Leyland 1993            
25.1162112 - QVD   Gabriel Naylor-Leyland 1996            
25.1162113 - QVD   Louis Ivan Welf Otto Hooper 2007            
25.11622 - QVD Prince Georg of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1949     Victoria Bee 1951   Victoria is the daughter of Countess Eleonore Fugger von Babenhausen and her first husband Robert Bee
25.116221 - QVD   Vera Alice Prinzessin von Hanover 1976     Manuel Dmoch 1977    
25.1162211 - QVD   Celina Sophie Dmoch 2007            
25.1162212 - QVD   Elena Luisa Dmoch 2009            
25.116222 - QVD   Nora Prinzessin von Hanover 1979     Christian Falk 1972    
25.1162221 - QVD   Konstantin Georg Erik Falkk 2007            
25.1162222 - QVD   Leopold Welf Christian Falk 2009            
25.11623 - QVD Princess Friederike of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1954     Jerry William Cyr 1951    
25.116231 - QVD   Julia Emma Cyr 1982     Miguel Gelasio Sanchez 1971    
25.116231 - QVD   Julia Emma Cyr 1982     John Patrick Smart 1981    
25.1162311 - QVD   Son (of Julia Emma Cyr and Miguel Gelasio Sanchez) 2009?            
25.1162312 - QVD   Child (of Julia Emma Cyr and John Patrick Smart) 2016            
25.116232 - QVD   Jean-Paul Cyr 1985            
25.1163 - QVD Princess Friederike of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1917 1981 King Paul I of the Hellenes 1901 1964 See 16.14 - A report on the wedding of Paul and Friederike.
Friederike died from anesthesia poisoning or possibly a heart attack while undergoing eye surgery.
An obituary on Friederike
25.1164 - QVD Prince Christian Oskar of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1919 1981   Mireille Dutry 1946   Prince Christian had his dancing shoes on and ran almost a mile through New York's Central Park and apprehended two individuals who had snatched a purse from a woman.
Birth Registration of Mireille Dutry
"Vintage" photograph of Mireille Dutry and her parents.
25.11641 - QVD   Caroline-Luise Prinzessin von Hanover 1965            
25.11642 - QVD   Mireille Prinzessin von Hanover 1971            
25.1165 - QVD Prince Welf Heinrich of Hanover (Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg) 1923 1997 Princess Sophie "Alexandra" of Isenburg and Büdingen in Wachtersbach 1937 2015 See 27.242422
25.12 Princess Friederike Sophie of Hanover (Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg) 1848 1926 Baron Alfons von Pawel-Rammingen 1843 1932 Alfons was the Master of The Household of King George V of Hanover. An interesting short article on Princess Friederike can be found here
*** note, this document was copied via the "Internet Archive" site, the original link I used to show this information appear to be no longer in being ***
A report on the wedding of Princess Friederike and Baron Alfons von Pawel-Rammingen.
Another interesting article on the involvement of Queen Victoria in the marriage of Princess Friederike and Baron Alfons von Pawel-Rammingen.
Princess Friederike and Baron Alfons von Pawel-Rammingen lived at Hampton Court in apartments given by her cousin Queen Victoria. They lived there from 1880 until 1898. Please see "Grace & Favour A handbook of who lived where in Hampton Court Palace 1750 to 1950" (pages 102/103) for further details.
It was at Villa Mouriscot (or possible spelt Mauriscot) the residence of Princess Friederike and Baron Alfons von Pawel-Rammingen where Princess Beatrice of Battenberg and her daughter Princess Victoria Eugenie (future Queen Ena of Spain) were visited by King Alfonso XIII of Spain to conduct a chaperoned, three-day-romance with his future wife.
In 1905 Baron Alfons suffered a serious injury including a fracture of the skull as a result of carriage accident, obviously he survived for another 27 years.
25.121 Baroness Victoria von Pawel-Rammingen 1881 1881         Birth Registration of Victoria von Pawel-Rammingen and Death Registration of Victoria von Pawel-Rammingen
25.13 Princess Marie Ernestine of Hanover 1849 1904          

Note - QVD against a reference number indicates the first named individual is a descendant of Queen Victoria.

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